"8 Hours" - HULLAH - The Art of Being Queer

"8 Hours" is the first solo single to be released by London based and midlands born, writer-producer HULLAH. The song released today is now available on all streaming platforms!

Speaking about the track, HULLAH explains that “8 Hours is the time difference between London and Kuala Lumpur. It’s about falling in love with someone coming to the end of their student visa. We hadn’t expressed that we were in love with each other until the day he left the UK to return to Malaysia. I was in shock and definitely gutted”.

The song, written in a few “frantic days of despair” and writing sessions that “substituted sleep”, came together quickly but only after the songwriter had spent “a year figuring out what the hell had just happened and what I’d just lost. Songwriting is like therapy to me, I can channel my thoughts and it’s essential for my mental health”.

Describing the inspiration behind the production, he says: “I like to think that the song sounds like the strangeness of 3 am. It was written against the backdrop of busses and faint sirens. For the upbeat house-style production conveys those messy, spiraling thoughts: the things I let slip away, the what-if’s, those things I wish I said sooner. I can’t figure out if the song makes me want to dance or cry.”

“It was supposed to be a hookup but he stayed the night and it quickly turned into a year-long romance that was never really realized until it was too late. A dream-like experience that both fascinated and haunted me. We stayed in touch but the time difference made it feel like they were moving on faster: “you get up, I go to bed, you're in the future, eight hours ahead”

Artist Bio

HULLAH is a London-based, Midlands-born writer-producer, sound designer and half of the electro-pop duoFuturetape. He is inspired to create music by a passion for nightlife and its culture. Wrapped in the sonic flavors oftrip-hop, 90s house and synth-pop, his tracks feel nocturnal and are complemented by the themes expressed in his lyrics: city living, alienation, ambition and a sense of dejection. His songs, both introspective andsolitary, offer insight into how he navigates his waythrough the noise and distortion of everyday city life.


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The Art of Being Queer

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