@_oeilpouroeil_ - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @_oeilpouroeil_

Artist statement:

Common idea is we are flooded under a stream of images that never dries up; but truth is, we actually are subjected to a lack of certain images, that must be produced against censorship. I definitely cannot imagine art as something else but a pavement thrown trough the bright and beautiful institutional window. Blow it up, and fill in the gaps that constellate the community’s official image is my motto. Image riddled by censorship, which wounds I will aim to heal with some heavy staining red.

My work results of my adaptation to a traumatic and hostile world and is both a healing process and a revenge over the cisheteropatriarcapitalistic society that shaped me into the resilient queer wxmen I am today.All of my work can be interpreted through the prism of perversion, or specifically its latin etymology « pervetere » ; in other words, overturn, reverse.This detour is a way for me to displace the frame of reference, to perform an inversion in our value system, to better overthrow it.

The aesthetics of perversion allows me to question the norm in all areas, and, in particular, in the context of gender and sexual violence, to put into perspective the mechanisms of silencing and negation of trauma - exercised both privately and in society - while illustrating the process of resilience as well as the reappropriation of destructive experience through creation.

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