@_willcosta - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's fabulous queer artist feature is @_willcosta

37 years old, born in Florianópolis / SC.

Artist Statement:

     He has cultivated a passion for drawing in pencil since he was a child, but only when he was 31 did he decide to turn his hobby into a profession. He developed his technique of colorisation self-taught, which traverses the strong features of animation and the subtlety of hyper-realism. His greatest inspirations are Walt Disney, Mark Ryden, Glenn Arthur and Jennifer Healy, and while observing his work are clear references in Pop Art and Kitsch aesthetics.

     His way of working consists of manually drawing the pictures, taking photos as reference and colouring only with crayons. When finalised, the portrait is scanned using a scanner and applied to a background made digitally in an image editor. The joining of the drawing by hand with the digital elements, besides the inspirations in the most diverse artistic movements, made their works acquire a unique identity, and was easily recognised by its unity.

    The style adopted by Will Costa earned him the prestige not only of the general public, but also of the media and the personalities portrayed by him, inside and outside Brazil, as well as partnerships with big brands and thousands of followers in their social networks. He was invited by the Ayrton Senna Institute to be one of the Brazilian personalities to customise a helmet for the exhibition "Senna in the Head and Heart", which ran the country in 2014 and 2015. illustrations for book covers and albums by international artists, posters in Broadway shows, materials for the promotion of pop music stars, actions in schools with children and adolescents, exhibitions, lectures, the recognition of other great artists are some of the achievements that have already gone through their path. And many others are certainly still to come. The sky is the limit for those who have a dream at the tip of the pencil.

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