A.J of AGX The Art of Being Queer Podcast

Season two episode three is now live on all major podcast providers! Featuring @aj.of.agx

We discuss A.J's wonderful fashion collection, performance art videos, activism, and transition!

Artist Statement:

My name is AJ Nichols and I am the founder of Avant-Garde Expression, or AGX. AGX is a queer clothing brand that makes collections of androgynous clothing/streetwear, as well as lots of thematic videos that are meant to empower queer people by telling their stories in an artistic way. I started the brand in February 2018 here in Boston after several internships with designers (most notably with Project Runway S15 Competitor Nathalia JMag) as well as an internal passion to create androgynous clothing fueled by years of struggle with gender identity (I am gender fluid, but go by she/her pronouns). Our new video series, which is leading up to the release of our third collection of clothing, explores the struggles we face as queer people and talks about how we can overcome them.

Below are links to the video pieces we discuss during the podcast:

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