“A Little More” - Jxckson - The Art of Being Queer

Pop artist, Jxckson returns with the deranged, synth-forward song, “A Little More”. The track has Jxckson fighting his inner demon as his burning addiction to a former lover grows stronger.

“I feel like everyone can relate to wanting someone who wasn’t necessarily good for you. It was important that this track maintained this almost unsettling vulnerability at times. It has so many twists, turns, and layers that you can find something new with each listen.”

Jxckson is an Austin-based singer and dancer best known for his keen pop instincts. Delivering his best lines with a smirk, he combines infectious melodies with witty lyrics and metaphors. Although he treats genre as a moving target, Jxckson’s unique storytelling approach to his lyrics are a constant presence in his music.

Jxckson's last single “Mango” is a dancehall-inspired pop song filled with witty one-liners that exude confidence like the lyrical surprise twist of, “I think it’s about time that you let your mango.” Jxckson has been in PAPER magazine, them. magazine, and his previous single “Mango” hit #1 on popular indie LGBTQ+ blog QReview’s music chart.


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