@aarontaylorphotographer - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @aarontaylorphotographer

Artist Statement:

‘UK (Norwich) based photographer Aaron Taylor, creates candid sexualized and suggestive imagery. Fascinated by the beauty of sex, fetishes and the male nude, Taylor employs a simplistic photographic style to create bold images celebrating all things sexual and queer male body positivity.

Taylor’s recent body of work forms the Ex(Pose) project, a series of images taken over several months after having left a long term relationship. Exploring single life again with the heightened desire and interest in kinks and new sexual experiences, Ex(Pose) captures new found pleasures through an open and unapologetic approach.

More often than not Taylor uses himself as model however has the outlook of capturing as many other nude gay/queer men as possible. Having struggled with body image issues in the past and knowing this is an ongoing challenge for many men, Taylor believes all body types should be celebrated along with their kinks and sexual interests.’

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