@agxofficial - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @agxofficial

Artist Statement:

My name is AJ Nichols. I am a transgender woman.

​I didn't want to live past 18 if I could not show the world who I really was and live as her every day.

Designing clothes gave me a way to express myself during a time in which I felt I wasn't seen.

I started AGX to have a voice, to feel seen, and to share my vision. Along the way, I found so many of us who want to feel proud and be seen, as well. 

"The newest collection, video, and the official AGX website all launched yesterday! AGX3.2 ANTHEM, the finale of AGX Book 1, is a call for us queer people to stand together confidently and fight for visibility and our rights.

Following AGX3.1, the narrative of Anthem opens with AJ of AGX sitting in a vacant room, vulnerable and recovering after the events of The Experiment. She is taken in by AGXers, who give her steroid injections and reinforce her body with metal. She then joins the AGXers and stands up as part of the Queer Army. 

The Anthem FW19 Collection will become available to purchase soon. Make sure to watch the video and check out  our official website Agxarmy.com!"

Photography / Filming

Aanchal Dharmani @aanchdharmani 


AJ Nichols @aj.of.agx

Kylee Roberts @kyleerobertss

Aung Thant @dimpledumpling_

Rowan Deepe @rowandeepe

Lola Ometoruwa @lola_outstanding

Creative Consulting

AJ's Partner, Ryan

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