@aidan.c.illustration - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

theTonight’s queer artist feature is @aidan.c.illustration

Artist Statement:

I am a queer Illustrator from the northeast,

I am also a huge self described geek for anything arts related be that film, theatre, drag, fashion or music.

With focusing heavily on portraiture I like to incorporate all of these elements of things I love into what I create.

I am also inspired by queer/ powerful figures amongst the glitz and the glam of Hollywood.

By me mainly focusing on portraits of queer celebrities I like to think I am in some small way help highlight LGBTQ+ representation, which sadly in this modern world is still so desperately needed.

Lately I focus of #mancrush projects to liberate myself being able to voice my adoration for the same sex in a way I was too scared to voice in the past.

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