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Artist Bio:

On the 1st February I released a new EP with is called “every time I let you in” it follows me falling in love with a straight girl who is also my best friend, and all the phases, questions and doubts I went through when I was in the midst of it. The lead song “wasted on you” sums up very well for me the whole EP and the feeling of thoughts racing through your head from all different aspects of the situations, and the scramble of trying to move on without loosing a best friend.

Queer music means a lot to me and has become such a massive part of my life in the last few years as I’ve started to settle into and become fully comfortable with my sexuality. For me I write about my life and just like most mainstream songs about my romantic situations and tribulations, so for me the songs will be about women for as long as I’m into women, and this was a fact I used to struggle with a lot when I was younger, but now when I see how ,fun I get out of listening to other queer musicians, I see how important it is for other queer musicians to write unbiasly about their life and experiences. Man I just love music!!!

BandCamp- https://annamccrae.bandcamp.com Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/artist/5dDO2AgefBBNTqFjYp7fei?nd=1

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