Autophonix - The Art of Being Queer Podcast - Season 2 Episode 4

Episode Overview:

This episode features Autophonix, a queer, trans audio engineer and producer. We take a listen to a number of their amazing tracks and discuss the production and meaning behind them.

Artist Statement:

Autophonix is the primary alias of Brooklyn based nonbinary producer, composer, singer-songwriter and DJ, Ryan Natsis. Their work as an electronic artist is rooted in DIY experimental queer culture and is influenced by sound art, punk aesthetics, and surrealism. After going through a stage name change, their previously released tracks 'Down' and 'Special Agent' have been polished and remixed into an exclusive compilation - Autophonix Revived.

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Laura Odom

Thank you to @toastdrag for creating the tracks used in the podcast, and a final thank you to you for listening!

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