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Inventive and compelling, Melbourne based multi-hyphenate singer songwriter Benedict has today shared their powerful new single Wake Up, an anthemic call to action that speaks on behalf of all humanity, calling for understanding and peace. Wake Up is out today via Tomboi Records, and accompanying the track is a visually stunning and deeply emotive clip, co-directed and choreographed by Benedict, Andy Chappell and Kelly Thomas. Benedict will also be launching the release with an intimate show at The Toff In Town on September 9.

Haunting, passionate, and evocative of the alluring Massive Attack, legendary David Bowie and inimitable Prince, Wake Up is pervasive and truly moving. Produced by Dean Tuza (Stella Donnelly, The Rubens, Mossy) and mixed by legendary NYC-based producer Lee Groves (Madonna, Depeche Mode), soft synth pads create a perfect bed for Benedict’s poignant and nuanced vocal style, while colourful strings swell and propel the track forward, lingering and persuading the listener to pay attention. When confiding in close friend and singer songwriter Chrissie Derales over a zoom call, Wake Up was born in just ten minutes. Speaking on the inspiration behind Wake Up, Benedict explains, “Wake Up is a people’s anthem. I saw a need to speak out for all peoples, all nations with the shocking things we have witnessed over the last few years, through government issues, wars, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and injustices for the LGBTGIA+ community. We all fight one another, but what is the truth? The truth is that we are all human. If we can come together, break down fear, lies, and fight the division, we will be free.”

An impactful song such as this requires an equally significant video – and the clip for Wake Up absolutely does not disappoint. Through considered choreography, moody, staccato lighting, and footage from historical protests spliced in, Benedict has created a perfect visual accompaniment to Wake Up, and it enhances the original meaning of the song ten-fold. It’s a must-watch, as Benedict says, “When I thought about the film clip, the words that came to mind were unity, hope, world issues, our reality. I wanted to bring to light the suffering, pain, serious nature and traumas in this world we as humans experience and bring on each other – also, lies we believe from the government that cause division and brokenness within our society. In contrast, I then wanted to show the similarities as humans that we all carry everyday. I wanted to show that we are better together and, living in this controlled and manipulative societal structure, we could find peace and freedom by clinging onto each other.”

Benedict has always been drawn to a strong message, and always one to stand up against injustices in the world. They even started their own record label, Tomboi Records, with the goal of representing the under-represented within the music industry, as they explain, “My label aims to represent women in music and LGBTQIA+ artists in music. Two minorities that I believe do not get enough support in the music industry. Being a non-binary person myself, I felt the need to create a safe label where artists can create and be themselves with full support behind them. I have experienced both sides of discrimation and lack of support with the minorities I am representing, so I thought, ‘why not’!”


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Pop-alt artist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Benedict translates experiences of heartbreak, love, social observation and justice into their melodic artistry. Echoing a sound that falls in-between the lines of Kate Bush and Prince, the singer is soon to send waves worldwide.

Growing up in a musical atmosphere, this Australian born artist eschewed a regular childhood in pursuit of mastering multiple instruments. Nurtured by their mother, a gifted musician and singer herself, Benedicts’ journey as a prolific songwriter started at the ripe age of five years old.

Deepening their understanding and curiosity for musical paradigms, Benedict cut their teeth on some of the greats. Delving into the storytelling and social advocate work of Joan Baez. Taking inspiration from the iconic David Bowie’s musical transformations. Being mesmerised by the jaw-dropping vocals and performances of Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury and many more. These all helped shape the cornerstones of Benedict’s own sirenic vocal stylings and writing.

In between music, Benedict has spent time working with youth and communities. One of their most challenging times was spent on the frontline working as a prison guard. It broke their heart watching, as they named them, “the forgotten people” from an everyday community be let down by the system. The pain. Their stories. As a humanitarian and a person who is passionate about equality and social justice, their desire runs even deeper to be a voice for all who aren’t heard! All communities. All people.

Benedict writes their songs purely inspired by heartbreak, love, social observation and justice within our society today. These lived experiences translate into their deeply authentic art. Layered with haunting sirenic vocals and crisp pulsating melodies, Benedict has a nostalgic 80s/90s pop influence through their sound. Their gracious vocals robustly explode with such ease.

After many years writing and touring their own musical projects, as well as, time spent working behind the scenes developing, producing and collaborating with other artists. Benedict took time out in 2016, sequestered away in a cabin in the mountains, writing and honing in on their new sound.

Now with 3 releases and 3 remixes out, Benedict has hit the ground running sharing their new powerhouse music worldwide.

Already with incredible write ups from the likes of renowned music bloggers and online mag ROLLINGSTONE AUSTRALIA, EARMILK, MUSIC FEEDS and making the TOP 10 TONEDEAF favorite releases of the year...Benedict is already making their mark in these early stages


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The Art of Being Queer

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