@benjamin_tejero_ - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's fabulous queer artist feature is @benjamin_tejero_

Artist Statement:

Benjamin Tejero is a French artist and he has been living in Prague for the last three years. His practice and researches are often inspired by personal experiences. Through the artistic action he gets some distance in order to unveil the common essence of things. For him, the individual is a unity, but he is also made of differences. Benjamin Tejero is looking for the other side. He is interested in subjects that are illicit, surreptitious, unacknowledged, disgusting in the eyes of neophytes. With his publishing practice he wants to highlight stories from subcultures and marginal communities, largely invisible in our societies. Every single of his works is the result of a collection of real testimonials and take the form of drawings, photographs or ceramics to deliver social questions.


Sitting on a beach, a sailor in his prime of life,

Two mermaids, from far, call him, 

And seduce him to more abyssal depths,

Where by ritual got stolen, men trapped in nets. 

Beneath sumptuous corrals, a sweet scandalous perfume,

Women with tails, end up being mermales.

Without displease to the captives, not that astonished,

That got raptured now, in front of more virile attractions. 

They do not, obviously, get cold feet,

Contact even applies with the most daring.

Alcohol fumes helping, everyone seems to find its place,

Forgetting for a moment, the most tenacious prejudices.

Fuddle and voluptuousness will be panacea of a whole night

At dawn,  the young sailor will wake where he was seduced.

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