Bettie Bitters - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Bettie Bitters

Bettie Bitters

My name is Ian. My “drag” name is Bettie Bitters. My pronouns are they/them.

I say “drag” in quotations because I am still unsure of what I do is drag. I love, admire, and worship drag, but what I do does not feel performative or that I am being someone else. It feels like in the brief moment between choosing an outfit and taking a photo, i get the chance to be authentic. My art is an expression of myself. Bettie is not a persona, but a collective of different parts of my psyche.

I started my Instagram @bettiebitters when I started coming to terms and coming out to my friends and family as being non-binary. In the beginning, I hid behind a mask; however, as I started to publicly denounce my pronouns assigned to me at birth I decided to start showing those different sides of myself, no mask, no hiding. I’m not ashamed of being non-binary, I’m not ashamed of being weird, and I am most definitely not ashamed to be a queer artist.

Bettie Bitters


The Art of Being Queer

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