@biju.belinky - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @biju.belinky

Artist statement:

My name is Biju, I am a Brazilian queer woman and writer who researches fandom culture, as well as a lot of other corners of the internet. I started posting my art online as a way to challenge myself not to be so insecure about my drawings – so working on pieces inspired by historical images of queer women and non-binary people in love felt right, as it is a subject that makes my heart happy in general.

I think often times queer women and nb people's love is portrayed through a hypersexualised lens catered to the male and straight gaze, so being able to reinterpret these historical images, which can be soft or steamy, but on our own terms, felt powerful. Often times when with partners outside we aren't able to share those moments without being made to feel invaded or invited to a threesome. So my drawings exist in a queer utopia where affectionate gestures are ours and ours alone.

The drawings I've shared are my favourites that I've done in the past couple of years – I guess there isn't much to say about them individually, but they're all inspired on images capturing individuals in their own environments, through a comfortable and familiar lens. I especially love the first one because of the look the lady in gray is giving in the original image. it's small but so meaningful.

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