BLASPHEMY REMIX - Jayse Vegas feat. Aja

Jayse Vegas releases his final music video for 2020. This one features a very special guest, and multiple designers. The BLASPHEMY REMIX features Aja, from RPDR Season 9, and All-Stars!

“Without being able to perform I had to figure out where to put my emotions. Performing was my therapy, and my way of expression- since COVID-19 shut down venues it’s all been taken away from me. I decided to channel everything I felt into visual productions. These music videos are a result of perseverance and determination.” - Jayse Vegas

“Aja, and I have know each other for years! A collaboration had been in the talks for some time now, and I figured it would be perfect to make it happen right now. They definitely add so much heat to the track! Aja is a great rapper and performer! I hope we can perform this somewhere some day! We had a blast on set, I just knooooow a show would be such a movie!” - Jayse

Since August, Vegas has released 6 music incredible videos, check them all out below!


Jayse Vegas, 25, is an independent artist, born and raised in New York City. Known by his fresh lyrics and music that makes you want to dance, as well as his accomplishments within NYC's LGBT nightlife. 
 Vegas writes and produces music for himself, and has lent those talents to others. You can find Jayse Vegas featured on songs by Robert Garcia, Christopher Ambrose, Honey Davenport, and more! 
 In January 2020, Jayse Vegas was awarded with the BEST MALE PERFORMER in NYC NIGHTLIFE award, at the 21st ANNUAL GLAM AWARDS at SONY HALL- this made his third year in a row to achieve this.


As a non-binary artist and performer, Aja (They/them) Is bringing non-binary visibility into the music industry. Especially the word of hip-hop: With their critically acclaimed debut album, BOX OFFICE (February 2019). Aja has performed epic life shows around the world, dedicated to uplifting their fans and empowering them to be in control of their own destiny.

Aja and their street where Fashion, they are inspiring perspective, brilliant songwriting and outspoken activism continue to propel their stardom to new heights. Born and raised in the heart of Brooklyn, Aja's genuine connection with their fans in their personal struggles with race, gender identity, class, and sexuality has become largely impactful to the LGBTQ+ communityr, Aja has now become an international role model for people of all backgrounds. Aja is of Puerto Rican, Nigerian and Egyptian background. But raised by a Puerto Rican and Trinidadian family as they were adopted.

Since the summer of 2018, Aja has performed over 180 live shows, selling out venues in the US, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia, Lebanon, and the UK. Aja has also toured Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Jayse Vegas

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