bridgette_azul - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonights fabulous queer artist feature is @bridgette_azul

Artist Statement:

My name is Bridgette Azul and I am a drag queen from Dallas, TX. All my life I have been surrounded by strong, beautiful women that have shaped me into the man I am today. To me, drag is a wonderful way for me to tap into and express my femininity in a way that, hopefully, pays respect to the women who inspire me.

My absolute favorite part about drag is being able to, even for 3-5 minutes at a time, take people away from the hellish world we are living in right now and into a fantasy. I also relish any chance to work with my amazing team, The Haus of Azul, to create art within the craft of drag for my community and beyond to enjoy!

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