@brucerimell - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @brucerimell

Artist Statement:

My name is Bruce Rimell and I’m a British visual artist whose work springs from a combination of psychedelic, ethnographic, visionary, queer and mythical themes. Queer imagery is a constant, but sometimes unacknowledged presence in my work, and my focus is towards the holistic aspects of being queer, rather than the deconstructionist or the implicit ‘self-othering’ and ‘not that’ which I see in Queer Theory. I seek to link my queeritude with everything else I experience about being human, and it often ends up with my work expressing Queer Iconicity – what we could be in freedom and visionary joy rather than what we currently are in protest and pain – in defiance of the fragmentation of contemporary life, coming up against homo/trans/queer-phobia with sparkling wholeness!

Having seen your fantastic Instagram profile, I thought I’d get in contact to share with you some images of my work as a queer creative, and let you know about two ongoing projects of mine. My Instagram profile is @brucerimell

I’ve attached three images of my UV artworks which highlight a unique aspect of my practice – ‘Hear Me I Speak’ – ‘Janus Lux Mundi’ – ‘And What Will I See’

Three more images showcase my more conventional artwork imagery, all with queer themes enfolded into the psychedelic/visionary mix – ‘Queer Spirit Over Orlando’ – ‘Salvic Voyager’ – ‘Fuck Me Love Me Take Me To A World Of Stars’

That last one – ‘Fuck Me Love Me…’ is taken from an ongoing series of graphic but shimmeringly beautiful sexual self-portraits entitled ‘The Ecstasy In Me’, the aim of which is to demand an iconic presence for gay sexuality. I aim to complete the series in about 2022 or 2023, and you can read more about this series here: www.biroz.net/exhibits/dev/ecstasyinme.htm

I’d also like to let you know about my ‘Song of Lucaion’, a set of poems whose start point was queer traditional masculinities but ended up as a grand surreal, dreamlike, archaically queer myth cycle. I wrote it in 2014, but it’s being reanimated for an upcoming illustration project in 2020. You can read the whole Odyssey/oddity here: www.biroz.net/visions/fernal/lucaion.htm

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