@chach1185 - The Art of Being Queer - BLOG 15

Tonight's fabulous queer artist feature is


Model: Chachi @chach1185 Photography by: Mike Esperanza @esp_bymike

My name is Josh, I discovered my passion for dance at the late age of 18, and began discovering who I was as an artist.

Model: Chachi @chach1185 Photography by: Mike Esperanza @esp_bymike

Dance  also helped me feel more comfortable as a gay man. I was also never one to take my shirt off and Always felt insecure in my own skin. Working with my good friend and fellow choreographer/dancer, Mike Esperanza, I challenged myself to explore a  new way of expressing who I am, and show how hard work and determination can pay off, and shed the layers that people had placed on me.

I hope to continue to inspire my students to do the same, following and reaching their goals. Many photographs I have taken are nude, but for a purpose, with a story, with emotions that I felt throughout my lifetime thus far.

I hope to continue working on building self confidence, stay healthy/active, and hopefully challenge other to step out and show who they are.   

Model: Chachi @chach1185 Photography by: Mike Esperanza @esp_bymike
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