Charlie Timms-McLean - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Charlie Timms-McLean

Charlie Timms-McLean

I am a non binary queer artist currently studying a degree at university in Victoria, Australia. My art aligns with two core pillars, mental health and queerness. Through my life i have faced challenges and hardships that gave me ptsd, major depression and a mental ward admission, while these thing may not sound great, i wouldn't change a thing. My experiences in life have molded me to be the person i am today and with the aid of art i have developed a path of acceptance to reality of my world now. My art is queer as fuck, its real its camp and at times its uncomfortable and that's what i believe art should be, every time i paint or draw, im saying fuck you to my abusers and oppressors by being my true self. I was told from a young age that i was wrong, sick, vile but those words dont have power over me anymore. I take that power and i throw it into my artist practice because there is nothing more motivating that the constant reminder that my life is disgusting to people who have hurt me. And i fuckn love that.

Charlie Timms-McLean


The Art of Being Queer

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