@chorusofbody - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @Chorusofbody

I am Emre Keskin, Istanbul based painter and experimental photographer. I've never believed to belong to a single title. Because I don't think it's right to define myself in this "diversity".

The city I live in; It has always influenced me with its noise, intensity and volatilty. These integral parts are the most important elements that make up my personality and art. Thats why I always wanted to be different in my oil paintings and photographs. I’m not pushing myself what to do. When the time came, they found me. My photographs have been exhibited in various locations and some areas for 5 years. The Art of Being Queer Exhibition will be the first exhibition that my paintings are part of.

Pieces featured in The Art of Being Queer Exhibition:

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