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Tonight's queer artist feature is @chorusofbody

Chorus of Body // Solidarity with the Queens

I am an Istanbul based painter, known for my paintings of faceless bodies. As an artist, I have been influenced by various fields of art. My brushstrokes transform into the unique lines of each body while I blur the faces. I highlight our bodily beings, and make them come alive on the canvas.

Each and every body face bullying, oppression and exclusion in everyday life as well as in professional life. Our struggle has a special place in our lives and it is undergoing tough period because of Covid-19. Our ways of being and living are under threat. The lives and livelihoods of queer performers have been negatively influenced by the pandemic. I conceived this series as a way of responding to their struggle. While we get accustomed to and question the 'new normal,' I believe we should also grow and diversify our solidarity.

I am very close with some of the people I paint while some others live on the other side of the world. In this new series, I focus entirely on queer people of my country. The question that ignited this series was for what purpose I should be painting at this moment.

Many universities made their online resources available. Journals, magazines and archives became free to access. People and institutions from all around the world establish mutual aid funds, and try to make sure the funds go where they should. I started to create the Solidarity with the Queens series in order to do my part, and to draw attention to queer performers of Turkey. I chose and got consent from five performers, and painted them with my own style. All the income from the sale of this series will go to Cengaver Solidarity Fund and Queer Waves. So, I hereby present my work with pride.

The labels and prices of each painting will are shared separately on the Instagram posts.

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