Ciáran Christopher - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Ciáran Christopher

Artist Bio

Ciáran Christopher is a self-taught photographer and art director, born, raised and based in London, UK.

Combining his love of photography, motion, and design, he captures visions of the world in a bold, whimsical and delicate manner. His work portrays subjects and subject matter in an empowered yet sensitive way.

To date, his work focuses on issues surrounding the representation of black and PoC groups and individuals. More widely his work is an exploration and reflection of his blackness, queerness and identity.

Movement, Fig. 3a and b, Aug. 2020

A reflective moment to self-care and checking in with yourself. Are you loving on yourself, nurturing, showing yourself compassion and time for rest. Hold stillness, observe and listen to your body, it’s more aware than you know.

Ciáran Christopher

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