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Mae Krell is back with the stunning new single "colorblind".


Written and recorded in quarantine, “colorblind” was created remotely from start to finish with the help of producer and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Leventhal.

“I wrote "colorblind" in the midst of what I thought was going to be the end of a relationship with the first girl I ever truly fell in love with,” Mae says of the inspiration behind the single. “I'll be the first to admit that I feel everything too much, but during the couple of days that this was going on, I really felt like the world was ending. I was wildly sad while also being very restless in a way that I had never experienced before.”

Over swirling, sliding guitars and sparse drums, Mae grieves the end of a relationship in painful and relatable detail: “I squeezed your hand, you flinched / The skies turned black, I blinked / I never practiced my goodbyes / I didn't think that I had to.” Mae’s sharp lyrics and aching vocals brim with palpable emotion as they call back memories of a love that once was.

Mae Krell

Mae Krell is in the midst of a new era. Over a production backdrop of chirping birds, swirling guitars and children playing, Mae expresses their introspective lyrics with a newfound maturity and understanding.

Following a two-year hiatus, the 22 year-old made their return in early 2020 with a string of soft, folk-pop singles. Influenced by revered singer-songwriters like Bob Dylan, Phoebe Bridgers and Gregory Alan Isakov, Mae writes intimate reflections about confronting past struggles, self-love and personal truths. “wash,” their most streamed release to date, has garnered over 600k Spotify streams in less than a year, with their other singles following close behind in numbers. In response to their gut-wrenching single “garden,” Indie Band Guru wrote, “There is truly not a voice quite like the one Mae Krell has”.

Motivated by the sense of urgency that comes with growing up in New York City, Mae’s work in the music industry began in high school, photographing live music for the likes of Rolling Stone and Sony RCA, and founding an online music publication- Tongue Tied Magazine. At age 17, Mae wrote and released their first two singles, “Monsters” and “Scars”. The tracks garnered hundreds of thousands of streams, leading Mae to then release their debut EP, Anabasis in 2018. Currently featured on Spotify’s “Queer as Folk” editorial playlist, Anabasis tells the story of their ascent from a dark place within themselves over the course of four tracks. Deemed a “force to be reckoned with” by AudioFuzz, Mae embarked on a nationwide tour the following summer to promote the record.

With a multitude of career milestones already under their belt, Mae is taking it one day at a time, focused on writing and recording songs that reach new emotional heights. “The slight quiver in their voice feels like an exposed nerve: intimately vulnerable, afraid, and uncertain,” writes Sunlight Magazine of Mae’s 2021 release “are you sure?” Most recently, Mae has teamed up with artist and multi-instrumentalist Jakob Leventhal for their new break-up ballad “colorblind”.

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