"crashing every party" - Eraste

Eraste releases the incredible debut EP "crashing every party"

"The first words I wrote for this EP were "You can never really know me, cause' I don't really know me." The theme of loneliness and fear echoes throughout each song, bringing the seemingly unassociated together. I wanted to explore who I defined myself as, both sonically and lyrically. The album goes on a journey through genres highlighting everything from synth-filled dance tracks, to a plucked banjo and 808's, to vocoder hooks and trap drums. I pushed myself to do what was uncomfortable, to do anything and everything I believed I was capable of. I wrote about how trauma from the past can cause us to hurt the people we love, about how the insecurity of trusting someone can sabotage a relationship, about how keeping secrets can push us to violate boundaries, and about deciding to be blissfully ignorant of my flaws. Each song is exceedingly different, yet, they all bode the same question: how long can we pretend?" -Eraste

Artist Bio:

Texas-based artist, Eraste (air-este), spent the majority of her adolescence alone in her affection for music.

A 20-year-old self-taught singer and instrumentalist, Eraste did not grow up in a musical household. The extent of her formal training was brief piano lessons at the age of 12, where her teacher bribed her to show up with Mountain Dew (she really hated piano lessons, but she loved Mountain Dew.) The effects of living in the Bible Belt influenced her creativity, leading her to serve with her natural ability as a worship leader. So set in motion the snowball of her passion for music.

Music felt like a solace of escape as well as an isolating action. Some of her first memories of music were hearing Taylor Swift's debut album, Swift becoming a cornerstone in her inspiration. Taking her influence from the pop-culture of the 2010s, she felt a deep and emotional connection to pop music. Eraste fell in love with the catchy hooks, the intricate messages hidden within the lyrics, and the ability to tell a story in as little as 3 minutes.

Eraste brings her unconventional up-bringing to her music, creating an honest product of fear and loneliness; with her extremely distinct vocal tone. Eraste's piercing voice combines with her raw emotion in her debut single, "Break My Own Heart", as well as gives insight into her inspiration from synth-pop music and artists like Lorde (Melodrama is her favorite album of all time). In her upcoming project, "crashing every party" she explores the guilt and pain in confronting trauma, and the feeling of being a stranger to oneself.


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