@danny_jarratt - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist is @danny_jarratt

About Me: 

Danny Jarratt focuses on appropriating the world building practices found in counter public theory to create conversations between artefact(s)/person(s) to create resistance. Inspired by the spaces and lore of sci-fi movies, video games and queer sites, he explores these themes with installations made up of digital media, sculpture and conversation.

Relationship with Queer Art?

My relationship with queerness and queer art, sits often in a questioning state. I think queerness and queer art has given me a lens of critique the world and really make me question what is 'normal' and how normal is policed/enforced and belived in. At the heart of my practice, I question heteronormativity and build spaces for queer escape and casual-accessible conversation on queer theory. 

IG: @danny_jarratt

Wesbite: dannyjarratt.com

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