Diamond Heart: Platinum Collection - The Art of Being Queer

The incredible Diamond Heart: Platinum Collection was released today and is available everywhere you listen to your music!

After debuting "Diamond Heart" earlier this year, the single from Samuel Peck and Forbid has been reimagined into a 7 track remix album. Diamond Heart: Platinum Collection

The EP includes mixes from Forbid, Dave Cooper, Dillon James, Beave, Brandon Lake, Rochelle Hayden, and Moze.

1. Forbid’s Warehouse Mix

2. Dave Cooper’s Princess Cut Mix

3. Dillon James Remix

4. Beave Remix

5. Brandon Lake Remix

6. Rochelle Hayden DJ Remix

7. MOZE Remix

Samuel Pack, born and raised in Southsea, Portsmouth, began gigging in his home town from the age of 16 with covers and his originals, some of them written from as early as 13 years old, on his laptop, in his bedroom.

Along side his busking, he would continue to write music/ sing covers, and post them online. He amassed a 14,000 strong fan base by the age of 18, which is still evident on his Facebook page today. Samuel is ambitious, determined, good looking, a versatile vocalist and producer who isn’t restricted in genre when it comes to songwriting. Samuel blends elements of commercial pop music with his own flare to create a unique and new type of dance pop sound. We have no doubt that Samuel will be publicly known country wide by next year and furthermore, across the globe.

Now 25, and a seasoned performer, songwriter, producer and recording artist, Samuel has recently had 2 of his own songs “Don’t Need No Goodbyes” and “Rainbow” in The Express FM Chart. He has also penned songs for other artists, like Tash Hills “Stepping On Out”, that have charted at number 2 for 3 weeks, in the mix of this same Top 10.

Samuel has beaten local records with these tracks, by having two of his songs sit at the Number 1 spot for the longest ever recorded by Express FM - 2 Weeks at Number 1 for “Don’t Need No Goodbyes” and 3 weeks at Number 1 with “Rainbow”. Samuel’s music is frequently played on Express FM, Gaydio and in local businesses. His music is very versatile and his refined, and natural songwriting skills, resonate with many audiences.

Samuel has several releases on Spotify and Apple Music and has thousands of songs written from a young age, with exciting new releases upcoming.

This is just the start of an exciting new era of music for Samuel, meanwhile he continues to put all of his energy and passion in to his fresh, upbeat and new age pop/dance sound.


Pushing his niche queer house & tech sound across the world, Forbid is a 24 year-old producer & DJ, based in Yorkshire (UK), who is holding down countless DJ residencies within cities such as Manchester, Leeds, and Hull.

Having travelled to places such as Belgium, The Netherlands, London, Bristol and more, and with multiple releases via Selected, Intent Records, & U Wot Blud? Records to name a few, his momentum as a unique producer is growing rapidly.

The Art of Being Queer

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