“Don’t Know How” - Madison Baker - The Art of Being Queer

Madison Baker is back with the incredible new single and music video, “Don’t Know How.”

Madison Baker

Madison Baker is a 25 year old non-binary indie-pop artist based in Austin, Texas. With sticky melodies and honest lyricism, Baker’s music is structured around personal experiences surrounding heartbreak, growing pains, and self discovery. Their third single, “Don’t Know How” is available on all streaming platforms now.

"I know I should be someone who wants something healthy, I'm conditioned to be loved incorrectly."

“This song speaks to the obsession with toxicity in relationships because of its familiarity. I think we often learn to only seek in life what we believe we deserve. For a long time, I thought I deserved inconsistent, cold, unpredictable behaviors in others, and anything that existed beyond that was boring and unfulfilling. At its simplest, I think I was trying to write about how to give and receive love where nobody gets hurt.” -Madison Baker, about the creation of Don't Know How

Madison Baker

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