@dotreport - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is @dotreport

My name is Tanja Mavrova, I am an queer artist on instagram (@dotreport) who mainly works with drawing. By creating situations and breaking the passivity of the spectator, I often create several practically identical works, upon which thoughts that have apparently just been developed are manifested: notes are made and then crossed out again, ‘mistakes’ are repeated.

My drawings sometimes radiate a cold and latent violence. At times, disconcerting beauty emerges. The inherent visual seductiveness, along with the conciseness of the exhibitions, further complicates the reception of their manifold layers of meaning. By manipulating the viewer to create confusion, I want the viewer to become part of the art as a kind of added component.

My work is based on inspiring situations: visions that reflect a sensation of indisputability and serene contemplation, combined with subtle details of odd or eccentric, humoristic elements. I currently live and work in Berlin, Germany.

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