@drisbart - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @drisbart

Artist Statement:

I’m Dris Batadev, french queer watercolor artist.

I live and work in the beautiful city of Paris, France, where I was born. My origins are multiple and worldwide. I’m proud of this heritage.

I started the < ... me > project 2 years ago on DrisB Art: I daily illustrate queer erotic situations with watercolor on paper format.

Hairy body inspires me, bearded and bears. These bodies are like landscapes and bodyhair just like meadows. When I paint them I just feel like going hiking. Their body is my territory.

I get inspired by the people I meet and my sexual experiences, fantasied or real. I can also get inspired by a walk through the woods or a mountain hike.

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