"Dusk" - YawnyBlew - The Art of Being Queer

YawnyBlew is back with the incredible music video for the latest release "Dusk".

"Dusk” was released on March 5, 2021. The R&B/Pop record was Produced by Sean Hamilton (H.E.R "Hard Place", Jac Ross "Saved") and is an ode to lost love inspired by classic hip-hop and 60’s boy bands. The pair recorded the record in the home of Rodney Jerkins while working with him on the TV Series “Empire”. The accompanied video drops on 3/15 and was directed by Juss Thrasher and Milo Demartile.

Artist Bio:

Dominican-American artist YawnyBlew is the enigmatic brainchild of songwriter John Gonzalez. The Grammy nominated vocalist is known for his cinematic lyricism and crafting songs steeped in nostalgia, melancholy and irony; soundtracks to the version of New York he patch-worked as a queer teen between The Bronx, the studio and The Village.


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The Art of Being Queer

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