@EBR.ART - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Today’s breathtaking queer artist feature is @ebr.art (IG)

I’m a queer artist specialising it dotwork. I first became fascinated with dotwork because of the process and how one individual dot could become a part of something so much more when combined with other dots. I think this becomes a really powerful message when we apply the same principles to the world we live in.

As in an individual, you can often feel powerless to inspire change. It’s been a particularly sad time for humanity recently and I feel it could be so easy to lose faith in mankind. But whilst there may be individuals and events that cause despair, there are also those that inspire hope.

I definitely have a little bit of a crush on Lady Gaga too. I’m a bit of an old soul so I know very little about anyone in the modern world of show business but I’ve seen a lot written about her humanitarian efforts recently. I really believe in promoting love, kindness and acceptance and so it’s really refreshing to see someone in the spotlight actively stand for these values and encourage every young person to become a positive force for change in their own lives and within their communities. As someone who works with teenagers, I see first hand the battles they face and the incredible rise in mental health issues over the last few years. It’s such an important issue to highlight in order to work towards providing support to all those that need it and give every young person the opportunity to suceed, regardless of their background and circumstances.

There are so many people in the world who stand for love and kindness. My work reminds me that so much can be achieved together and by making positive changes as individuals, no matter how small, we can make a difference.

Best wishes, Elwina


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