@edward.ouo - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @edward.ouo

Artist Statement:

As a maker I am interested in creating works that stimulate the viewer to think about the structures of power in society and to ponder the organization of experience and memory. As a non-binary person, I want to bring light to how power is embedded in minute details of life, such as language and convention and how those structures have affected myself and others. By destabilizing images and removing their conventional appeal, I hope to propose alternative ways of representing experience that are more aligned with how people are experiencing life currently in the age of endless content. I am interested in how global capitalism and spectacle culture have affected the ways that people both understand and express themselves, and I approach this by problematizing the medium through destructive and additive alterations. My work uses overstimulation to push the viewer into a place of uncertainty. When presented with the media in that form, the image begins to break down into varying levels of semiotic registry, and I enjoy exploring the limits of that registry in hope of pushing the materials into a new and exciting place.

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