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Tonight's queer artist feature is Elizabeth with an amazing DELUXE version of 'the 'wonderful world of nature' coming Friday!

Stepping into her sound like a silk robe, Elizabeth is the patron saint of sad girls on her debut record, the wonderful world of nature (out now), with a DELUXE version including new songs out October 23rd, via AntiFragile. 

Elizabeth is a glamorous tragic, a queer pop anti-heroine holding a curtain of glittering melodies over ugly truths.

Casting herself as the antagonist wielding pop songs as weapons, she wipes away her running mascara and escapes a destruction of her own making. This debutante divorcée has traded in her white veil for a cocktail and concocted a collection of shimmering heartbreak bangers that celebrate the femme and her indulgent indiscretions. The record is a testament to obsession and the desire to consume as much – of people, of substances, of herself – as she can.

A fixation on intimacy extends far beyond just the lyrics – in designing the sound of her record, Elizabeth sought to create a feeling of intense closeness with listeners, to give the impression she’s hovering close, dealing out melodic incantations like a trusted friend or conscience on your shoulder. The effect is immediate, drawing the listener fully into their body and reminding them of the weight of heartbreak and desire. In facing the futility of holding onto something that’s already slipped out of her grasp, Elizabeth has created a new kind of heartbreak album.

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