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Today is national coming out day and our fabulous queer artist feature is @eyemermusic with their new track and music video for "Bird You Can Fly"

Artist Statement:

Although non-binary people have always existed, there is still a lack of representation. The general public does not yet fully comprehend the concept of ‘being neither a man nor a woman’. Consequently, coming out as non-binary can seem very scary & lonely. This is why I wanted to involve as many non-binary people &/or trans people as possible for my song 'Bird, You Can Fly', that was written for the non-binary community. In the end of the track, a choir of non-binary & trans people sing along with the anthem ‘Kid, you’ll be fine. You’re not a girl, you’re not a boy, nor am I.'

In the accompanying music video 11 non-binary people explain what being non-binary means to them. We filmed 3 videos at 3 different locations in Bob Dylan style. The 1st video is now online (link in bio). I figured today would be the perfect date to release the first one, since today is ‘Coming Out Day’. A big thank you to everyone who helped making this song and this video possible. I am so honoured that so many people participated & am incredibly proud of how it turned out. Please give the video a thumbs up on Youtube & leave a comment if you liked it. Singer-Songwriter: @eyemermusic Recording: Tomas Van Hove Mixing: @michieldemaeseneer Mastering: @equus_audio_mastering Video producer: @pietsonck_official Video participants: @sophialannau|Els Van Bruystegem|@emiellenaert|@queerperspective|@yorickbaeke|@naomi.tempspournous|@yodeling_yuno|@brechtleticiade|@marthelaureys|@queer_herbivore_seahorse Choir singers: Elizabeth Fields|Aro Marlowe|Randa Allathkani|Max Knight|Jaq Neebe|Ryanne Lucas|Lydia B|Jaice Cooperrider|Dean Ohmsford|Aaron Pilnik|Ana Vivas| Eric Shen Li|Mir Plemmons|Gray Tambling|Georgie|Liz|Mikell Lee|Lauren Buzdygon|Ben Kraus|Sarah Dougherty|October Gunawan|@peacepye|@eliasdebree|@oemauhan|@sophialannau|Robin Van Royen|@evbruyst|@that_queer_equestrian|S.|@thecellosinger|@sarahmariewest|

Good Mourning To You - EP

Almost four years after their debut-album ‘Temporarily Colourblind’, Eyemèr returns with a new EP called ‘Good Mourning To You’. The record focuses on themes of mental health and non-binary gender identity.

The title ‘Good Mourning To You’ is a play on words. It refers to the grieving process that Eyemèr went through when they lost someone to suicide. When someone dies in such a way, feelings of guilt often haunt those who are left behind. In addition, Eyemèr experienced a process similar to ‘mourning’ when someone in their family could no longer be truly present due to a mental illness. With the saying ‘Good Mourning To You’, Eyemèr wants to uplift those who are currently processing a loss.

For many years already, Eyemèr has been working to break the stigma surrounding mental health using melancholic indie sounds and activist lyrics. Since 2018, which marks the year the artist came out of the closet as non-binary (not man or woman), they have also started writing about their genderqueerness. Eyemèr hopes to spotlight both the mental health theme and non-binary theme and normalize these.

In order to be able to finance this new record, Eyemèr launched a crowdfunding campaign through which fans and patrons could invest in the new record for a period of thirty days. The campaign was a success and even surpassed the goal amount of 3.500€.


release October 21, 2019

Sarah Devreese: guitar, voice, songwriting for all the songs. Michiel De Maeseneer: production ‘On My Own’, ‘Inner Voices’ and ‘Survival Of The Fittest’. Mixing of ‘Bird, You Can Fly’. Tomas Van Hove: production ‘Soil’ and recording ‘Bird, You Can Fly’. Pieter De Wagter: mastering of all the songs.

Artwork by Sarah Devreese, edited by Thomas Delanote.

Independent release. eyemermusic@hotmail.com patreon.com/eyemermusic eyemermusic.com @eyemermusic

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