Fox Al Rajim - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Fox Al Rajim

Bodies in Lockdown

My new photography series explores LGBTQIA+ sex and sexuality under lockdown, during the pandemic. With the rising challenges around mental health, isolation and loneliness, shutting down queer venues, and the strains on our relationships - many of us are finding being on our own challenging. It's no longer a priority for us to play with our bodies, feel sexual or connect with ourselves while we strive to survive.

The series uses Zoom as a way to create a window into a photographic play session in the bedrooms of LGBTQIA+ Londoners. For many its been the first time they've been able to feel "sexy", and sexually empowered - to be able to bring that feeling back into their bodies. Something that we’ve mostly lost during this period.

Artist Bio:

My name is Fox Al Rajim, and I'm a trans/agender, queer, Pakistani immigrant to the UK. Additionally as a fat person of colour, with physical disabilities I have a body positive and sex positive approach to my photography.

I've been photographing for 15 years, and once I came out myself, my work and focus shifted to the intersection of queer / LGBTQIA+ experiences, including sex and sexuality. I have been photographing in the queer kink and London drag scenes for the last 5 years. My main goal of my portraits is to make those of us who don't feel beautiful, to feel beautiful and empowered.

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