"Freak Tonight" MIKEY JAMES (feat. Doug Thee Savage)

Emerging queer pop artist Mikey James is preparing for take-off with new song “Freak Tonight” featuring D.C. based artist Doug Thee Savage. The song hit streaming platforms today and has of course been added to The Art of Being Queer Playlist!

Mikey's music is already generating buzz in queer music spheres. He has been championed

by the likes of The Q Review and Boldgray, and has featured prominently in their playlists

alongside the likes of Jake Shears and Melanie C. Mikey has performed live in venues

across London including Halfway To Heaven and The Fighting Cocks, and a string of digital Pride events over the summer.

"You’re the centre of attention, I can’t help but stare...

At your sexy little T-Shirt, and your beach-blond hair!"

Welsh-born Mikey's first release in 2019, “My Heart Can't”, coincided with the difficult

decision to leave his career as a psychiatric doctor. Subsequent releases include “Figure U Out”, “Sugar” and fan-favourite “Avocado”.

Now Mikey is ready to take things up a notch and is excited to be collaborating on this next

release with up-and-coming rap-star Doug Thee Savage. Mikey says, “Freak Tonight is

about embracing your flaws, approaching the hottest person in the club and asking them to dance. It’s super fun... and Doug nailed it!”

This is pop music at its most shameless, jubilant best.

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