Futuretape - Fake Fun

Electropop duo Futuretape today release their second single ‘Fake Fun’, a disco and PC music tinged testimony to the awkwardness of social and friendship hierarchies in school-type environments

Speaking about the new song, Futuretape says: “The song is from the point of view of the class loners and losers who see through phoney friendships and cliques. It's inspired by our own experience, we realised we’ve been dealing with the same issues and dynamics through our education (in different countries) right up until we met at university. We wrote this song in our final year about how even then, we still felt like the losers, at the back of the class. This time though, we’re standing out by not blending in.”

Made up of queer singer-songwriter-producer Charley and Italian singer-songwriter Nicole, Futuretape are part of a new wave of artists creating unashamed pop music for a digital age (Foxgluvv, GIRLI, LIZ) tackling themes such as isolation, connectivity, online relationships and identity, all framed by clean pop productions.

More about Futuretape: ‘We arrived in a city in 2084. We’re alone. There’s no one else here. We’re not quite sure where we came from. The city’s covered in neon. It kinda looks like the 80s of the future. We’re lost and looking for something. We just don’t know what that is yet.’

Futuretape is a musical exploration of what it’s like to have grown up online, what it’s like to always be connected to the world while simultaneously feeling disconnected from it. Their electro-pop sound, which brings together a love and understanding of timeless pop, disco and scenes like PC music, is framed by aesthetically pleasing visuals. The duo draw from vaporwave, synthwave and anime, fusing these together in a style that nods to the old but one that looks forward to the future.

Born in a small-town, Charley spent much of his youth feeling misunderstood by the people around him, both in his queerness and creativity. He moved to London to pursue music, where he met Nicole, a fellow singer-songwriter from Sicily, Italy in a performance class. Their creative partnership and friendship sparked soon after when they were given a brief to create a new arrangement of Creep by Radiohead. Their unified desire to make bold pop music – and a shared feeling of disconnect from the world – led to Futuretape.

The duo, who write and produce from their makeshift bedroom studio, take inspiration from pop artists from across the decades – from Eurythmics to Charli XCX, from Madonna to Kim Petras.

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