@gabriel.stagram - The Art of Being Queer - BLOG 11

Tonight’s fabulous queer artist feature is:


Artist Statement:

My name is Gabriel Starobinski, I'm a young queer artist from Switzerland. My work pushes the boundaries of gender and sexuality, my work acts like a diary, chronicling my life as a young queer man. I’m particularly interested in confronting the fear of femininity and exploring the spectrum between femininity and masculinity in my art. Each final canvas is centered around a theme but I begin with no premeditated plan — instead I let the theme emerge as I work. My multi-layered approach incorporates written words from music, pop culture and personal poems with collaged elements such as newspaper clippings, mirrors, and nail polish. The resulting artwork is an explosive, pastel-colored fantasy world where deep emotions, love and desires are deconstructed and reimagined on canvas. 

I’m a former art history student, currently studying law in Basel, Switzerland.

You can find more info on my website www.gabrielstarobinski.com and lots of pictures on my Instagram (@gabriel.stagram)

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