GESS - Palo Santo - Quarantine Video - The Art of Being Queer

GESS is forced to confronts his inner demons in smoldering,

self-made quarantine video for new song ‘Palo Santo’

They say necessity is the mother of all invention - well GESS has surely put this idea into practice while in self-isolation. The rising r&b/pop artist created a quarantine video for Track 1 (Palo Santo) of his quarantine EP, Psyche, using nothing but his iPhone and whatever he could find in his apartment. The video for Palo Santo, which was shot, directed and edited by GESS over the span of 10 late nights, shows GESS and his inner demons battling for control of their host, Gess himself.

With little resources to pull from during a global lockdown, Gess succeeded at capturing feelings we may all be feeling in quarantine - feelings of hopelessness, despair, loneliness and the desperate need for some form of escapism - whether it be through media consumption, alcohol or drugs. The EP, Psyche, which went live on 4/20 explores more of those difficult emotions that come up when we are alone with ourselves for extended periods of time. Gaytimes says “The writer, producer and singer has used his time in self-isolation to take his brand of dark R&B to a whole new level.”

“There were points during the filming process where my apartment was ripped apart, couch in the kitchen, coffee tables in the bathroom, my art was taken off all the walls so I had a clean backdrop. I had to stack tables and books and whatever I could find to make a fake tripod for my iPhone to sit on.”

“There were so many videos I had to discard. So many mistakes. So many times my phone fell off the stack of furniture and I thought it was shattered. The process took forever but it was so fun and I learned so much about myself in the process. Because I was creating completely alone I really let myself experiment and try things.’

“I can honestly say I feel like I know myself better after all of this alone time in self-isolation.”

Palo Santo Quarantine Music Video