"Get It Wrong" - Madison Baker

Madison Baker is one of the latest additions to The Art of Being Queer Spotify Playlist with the incredible "Get It Wrong"

Artist Bio:

Madison Baker is a 24 year old Austin-based pop artist. A Texan born and raised, Baker discovered their voice in the rural areas of East Texas where they performed old country and R&B covers at any place that would allow them to. Upon graduating high school, Baker moved to Austin, Texas to study at The University of Texas and find footing in the ever-expanding local live music scene. In the summer of 2019 Baker independently released the debut single, “Champagne Shine,” as well as another, “Evidence.” Baker’s debut EP, "Boundary" is set to release in 2021. A proud queer and non-binary individual, Baker is dedicated to using their voice to provide a safe and inclusive space for listeners of all backgrounds to come together and revel in each other's shared experiences of joy, heart ache, and personal growth.

Specifically in regards to Get It Wrong, my partner Taylin Booth and I wrote it together during quarantine. We had our friends and fellow collaborators Brianna Conrado and Landon Jett (also known as alt-pop powerhouse Clover The Girl) produce, mix, and master it. The song is intended to have open-ended meaning depending on the listener’s own experiences, but for us, the concept was certainly a product of extended isolation and the many moments where you must sit with yourself in solitude and decide whether or not you actually like the person you are when you are alone. Most importantly, the song speaks to the power of authenticity and how you can’t fail at honoring your experiences so long as you lead with honesty.

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