@ginger_dan - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Tonight's queer artist feature is @ginger_dan

Artist Statement:

My name is Danni, But you can call me Ginger Dan. I"m Birminghams Queer Demon Princess and I make art about defying your personal Demons and living your best life. Its taken a whole load of work on my self and my art but ive developed a practice where nobody gives me permission to make my art now, i go out and make it happen.

I studied fine art at university, where I got told alot that I didnt have the technical ability to draw, so naturally me being the defiant person i am I drew as much as possible. This defiance is what i use to motivate my art, Defying my personal demons by drawing them like some sort of ironic joke. I suffer with imposter syndrome, and i constantly feel like ive not produced enough and that taunting feeling of ”Nah - you just cant."  Is what started the demon characters.

I made a tryptich of self portraits warping my face into demonic versions of myself when im my most mad/sad/raging,  Somthing clicked between me and the visual language of a demon so from there i started making stickers of as many different types of my demon- all of the spectrum of feelings that i was struggling with. Then covering my city with them. Part of me pushing my work into the world of "street art" is because it is dripping with toxic masculinity and my demons are an outright opposition of that Patriarchy. They come from my own life experiences.

"Pride" is a character I always portray with one long loud unicorn horn. She's been consistently manic pixie dream girled in relationships and is completely over the fantasy people stupidly create around her. She isn't your unicorn, shes hers.

"Fluid" recently came out as gender non-conforming and is trying new ways to express their look, only they've been getting a lot of stick from randomers and it's been knocking her confidence. So I always draw her looking defiant. Her eyeliner might be wonky but their mom knows their queer and loves them so who cares?

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