(God Is) The Camera - NEO 10Y - The Art of Being Queer

Following the release of Shortcut To World Peace and their recent performance at the Roundhouse for UK Black Pride, NEO 10Y debuts their powerful new single (God Is) The Camera on the full moon.

(God Is) The Camera is a multi-dimensional trip around the conscious universe. An intricate, ethereal, sexy and subversive pop banger with epic rap verse and transcendental middle 8, featuring philosophical and sexy lyricism from NEO 10Y portraying the parallels between a conscious universe and documentation of the humxn experience.

The song is produced with SBO9 and features sitar by Tommy Khosla.

“Dreamy and avant garde. Multidimensional. Visually engulfing, cohesive cerebral tapestry. Otherworldly production, scintillating vocals.” - Billboard

“Explores identity, connectedness, spirituality and beyond.” - Paper

“Powerful soundscape.” - COLORS

“High concept. Dreamlike vocals.” - The Evening Standard

NEO 10Y is a recording artist and spiritual revolutionary based in London. They are non-binary and pansexual. NEO 10Y makes cerebral and subversive, consciousness expanding pop. Hailing from London with Indian ancestry, their powerful and thought provoking songs and visuals feature intricate narratives and conscious lyricism which decode the duality of humxn existence. Their sound combines cinematic grunge with industrial rnb production and instrumentation through the lens of philosophies of love and curiosity. NEO 10Y is an independent artist with AWAL, and directs and produces their own hyper reality music videos; some have gone viral. Their songs have been featured by Billboard, Paper, COLORS, Dazed, BBC, The Evening Standard, GQ, Gal Dem, Interview Magazine, plus major editorial playlists on Apple, Spotify and TiDAL, including Glitch, Cosmic Playlists, misfits 2.0, TRANSCEND, Discover Weekly and Your Daily Mix. 
 NEO 10Y live shows are 360º immersive experiences which have taken place at concert venues, art galleries and festivals in London, Europe, and the USA. They recently played the main stage at UK Black Pride at the Roundhouse and for Billboard magazine in New York City. 
 They are an advocate for conscious leadership and the utopian future of humanity which is brought to life through their sonic landscape, provocative visuals and regular work with the BBC, The Vegan Society, National Geographic, PETA *out soon* and other platforms. Nik also has a history in multidisciplinary art across video, painting and design with features in GQ, Forbes, The Guardian, Style.com, Vogue, The Telegraph, Sunday Times Style and more.




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The Art of Being Queer