Goobi Gubbi - The Art of Being Queer

Tonight's queer artist feature is Goobi Gubbi

Artist Bio:

To meme and to art - that is the Goobi Gubbi way. Goobi Gubbi's dark, surrealist world never takes itself too seriously, as it parallels his whacko, chaotic-neutral, 23 year-old mind. His work celebrates queer humor through the construction of otherworldly planets that are ruled by the bizarrest of internet references. Working with thin 0.38 mm MUJI pens, Goobi Gubbi hypnotically dives into a dimension of black and white craziness as he crafts his so called "collectibe bollectibles," which are now also available on his Etsy.

Goobi Gubbi



The Art of Being Queer





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