@goodstrangevibes - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Statement

Tonight’s queer artist feature is @goodstrangevibes

I am a queer feminist artist called Lou and go by the artist name goodstrangevibes. I draw on my past experiences to inspire my mental health awareness, body positive and feminist illustrations. In the process of recovery from an eating disorder, I began drawing my own body - forcing myself to see my body as art and worthy of appreciation. I did this in the evening, a time I used to spend staring at my naked body feeling hate and repulsion. This challenged previous destructive thoughts: by drawing and liking the art I produced, I began to appreciate the body that had inspired them.

I aim to produce art, which I share on Instagram (@goodstrangevibes), to help people, like myself, who could have avoided negative body image and poor mental health through reminders that one does not need to change their body to be loved or of value. Further, my work emphasises self-care and mental health awareness using illustrations typically including nude humans with long flexible limbs alongside text.