@hakansorar - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Today's queer artist feature is @hakansorar

Artist Statement:

Born in 1991, Hakan Sorar comes from a different discipline such as engineering, but he has been involved in photography in various workshops and training.

Focusing on the concepts, Sorar has a special interest in subjects such as human-space relationship, urban transformation, and changing architecture. Human In his graphic compositions, where he combines architectural elements with his figure, he investigates the relationship between man and his changing environment.

Instant (Instant) films are used in their work, so the instant form captured with Instant film is disrupted and new by creating a reality, the frozen 'moment' is manipulated, shattered, and a new square emerges from objectivity to subjectivity. Adds / subtracts to the captured frames, generating new queries on the concept of body and space.

Asks is continuing his research and studies on human and space in her graduate education at the Department of Communication at the Faculty of Art and Design, Beykoz University, Istanbul.

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