HALCYON - 'Neon Nights'

Tonight's queer artist feature is HALCYON with the amazing new single 'Neon Nights'

With ‘Neon Nights’, upcoming alt-R&B artist HALCYON releases his last single before the release of his self-titled debut EP. Accompanied by a nostalgic 80’s atmosphere and HALCYON’s warm and soothing R&B vocals, ‘Neon Nights’ is an ode to those nightly moments you never wanted to come to an end, but will always relive in your memory. ‘I want to dedicate Neon Nights to one of my best friends who passed away recently. The golden moments that him and I shared emotionally, are exactly the kind of memories Neon Nights cherishes’. The video of 'Neon Nights' was shot during the lockdown, when Amsterdam was completely deserted with citizens dreaming of nights that seemed like a lifetime ago. Next to being a visual interpretation of the storyline of 'Neon Nights', It became a tribute to the wondrous nightlife of Amsterdam and all the adventures that come with it.

HALCYON, the pseudonym of Sergio Roberts, was born and raised in the Netherlands by a Surinamese father and a mother from the Caribbean. Sergio spent a big part of his childhood in Antigua, where he started singing in the local church. While living in Antigua, Sergio joined the local Glee Club and taught himself to sing and perform by imitating artists such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Although music was not stimulated at home, Sergio decided to pursue a career in music after moving to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. 'Living in Amsterdam gives me much more of a chance to openly and unapologetically be me, as a queer man that wants to express himself. I'm thankful that Amsterdam quickly made me feel at home and less of a standout.’'

With only 3 single releases, Sergio already had a feature in The Dutch LGBTQ magazine WINQ and Spotify’s Pride Campaign and has been featured prominently on Dutch national radio and press. The debut EP HALCYON, to be released on October 16th on Universal, reflects HALCYON’s world where tranquillity, magic and playfulness are key.

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