Herdd - Dies Mei - The Art of Being Queer

HERDD just dropped a hard-hitting new single ‘Dies Mei’ alongside a colourful lyric video. Produced by the platinum award winning Rob Wells (credits include: Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber & Adam Lambert amongst many others), Dies Mei acts as a powerful reminder that the most important person you can learn to love in life is you.

First of all, would you like to explain the title ‘Dies Mei’

‘Dies Mei’ is Latin for ‘My Time', the song is all about learning to love the darkest and lightest parts of who you are and then standing up and saying this is me and this is my time. On a personal level ‘Dies Mei’ is not only a celebration of how far I’ve come, past addiction and suicidal depression, but it also recognizes how far I’ve still got to go.

What was the inspiration for the single?

There was a point in my past where I’d given up. Although I’d been touring, performing at great festivals and ‘doing' what I loved, my personal problems were crushing me. Back then I was struggling with a major alcohol problem, an anxiety disorder and suicidal depression. After 2 suicide attempts I quit the music industry and fell into a major slump. I still wrote music for myself, but instead of being out there with my music I focused on healing. It took me quite a few years, but I managed to turn things around and eventually I was ready to share my music with the world once more. That’s when HERDD was born. ‘Dies Mei’ was heavily inspired by this journey, the fight against my demons and my return to the game.

The track sounds amazing, do you want to tell me a little bit about the creation process

I was blessed to work with the incredible, platinum award winning Rob Wells for ‘Dies Mei’ and it really helped elevate my initial concept for the song. What’s most cool about working with Rob - apart from his great sense of humour - is that he’s not shy to challenge you to rethink your own song, and with ‘Dies Mei’ he really pushed me to think big production wise! Honestly, I love how it all turned out!

You decided to release this track on Valentines Day, was there a reason for this?

‘Dies Mei’ is essentially about learning to accept, love and cherish yourself for all of your flaws and I think that’s a really important message to share period. But as a self-love anthem, I couldn’t resist releasing it on Valentine’s Day, it just seemed like a really good fit!

If people took one thing away from your music what would you hope it would be?

I’d like to think that my music would help people find and maintain hope that things will get better. Life isn’t always easy, but relatable, honest music can help us get through even the toughest of times.

What would be one bit of advice you would give to other musicians starting in the industry? 

It’s a marathon not a sprint! Social Media culture is obsessed with ‘overnight sensations’ and artists breaking through at younger and younger ages. If you’re 15, 25, 35 or even 75 and feeling like your time is up then you're missing the point. Good music is heard eventually. Just focus on making music you love and your time will come.

2019 was an incredibly successful year for you with being featured by Billboard and presenting a TED Talk to name just a couple of things. What exciting things are you getting up to in 2020?

2019 was all about introducing the world to HERDD and there were for sure some great highlights! 2020 is all about music, I’ll be in and out of the studio all year throwing everything I have into new music! Watch this space. 

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