@IDoDoodlesToo - The Art of Being Queer - Artist Feature

Today's queer artist feature is @IDoDoodlesToo

Artist Statement:

IDoDoodlesToo is a GenX cosplayer, psychologist and artist. Having been a contributor to websites such as GayYaoiAndMore and Y!Gallery, life and graduate school led to a fifteen year hiatus from drawing. Several years of immersing himself in cosplay, a family death and a divorce led to a re-ignition of the need to create through drawing, at which point he dove in to teaching himself to utilize digital programs to produce the art that was living in his head. His style is inspired by photo realism, superhero comics and anime. He enjoys capturing a person’s essence as closely as he can in digital art, exploring people from his life, internet friends, pop culture figures and adult models. He is generally balancing several projects at a time, so one can never tell what work of several in process is going to come along next

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