“ihatehimtoo" - Zach Benson

Zach Benson is back with an astounding new single - “ihatehimtoo”.

You know when your best friend starts dating a total whack-off and you’re just waiting for them to break up so that you can have your good sis back?

That’s “ihatehimtoo”. Pop artist and producer Zach Benson delivers a yell-in-your-car,

thrash-in-your-room banger perfect for anytime you need a good teenage scream.

After spending a good part of lockdown back in his hometown, Benson felt really inspired by all of his favorite melodramatic pop punk and indie records from high school. “ihatehimtoo” takes listeners straight back to the Myspace era with its cyber soundscape and pop culture influenced lyrics. Benson’s co-writer on the song, Brandon Gorman, was a former bandmate from his teenage emo band days. Benson took his Warped Tour nostalgia and general frustration from the pandemic and channeled it into this angsty anthem.

Zach Benson

Producer, songwriter and musician Zach Benson is no stranger to crafting indie pop

perfection. After recording his debut EP “Pretty” in his college apartment and reaching 1 million streams on the project’s lead single “Kissing as the Cars Pass By '', Benson became a force in the LGBTQ+ pop scene. The Virginia-based artist is known for his high-energy synth-pop sound, sweet and confessional lyricism and unapologetically queer personality.

Since 2017, Benson has amassed nearly 2 million streams across all digital streaming platforms and 23k social media followers. With over 75 live performances, including 2 Northeast US tours under his belt, the artist is seasoned on the stage and always gives the audience a show to remember. His music has been featured in numerous publications including Xtra Magazine and Exclamation Magazine and has also been highlighted in TuneCore’s series, TuneCore Tuesda which features upcoming independent artists. Benson’s music has also landed on several Spotify editorial playlists including Fresh Finds: Pop, Pisces, Gemini and more.

Zach Benson

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