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Jared Gelman is one of the latest additions to The Art of Being Queer Spotify Playlist with the incredible "Impulsive"


Produced by Gelman’s go-to-collaborator, Sam Welch, “Impulsive” was co-written with

pop artists Will Jay and Sam Creighton. The dark-pop track reflects Gelman’s penchant

for spontaneous decision making, and the consequences that follow. The production

seamlessly blends the emotional storytelling of the lyrics with infectious melodies.

Gelman says, “The song is about the self-destructive part of me that acts without

restraint. When everything else is in the world is out of our control, it’s okay to change

what IS in your hands... these choices liberate me because they’re MINE.”

Amidst the pandemic, Gelman has been hard at work finishing new music. After this

release, listeners can expect more singles throughout 2021— including a collaboration

with Maty Noyes.

The track has already been recognized by notable industry figures Adam Lambert,

Tyler Oakley, Leland, Parson James, and Vincint on social media. Nicole

Scherzinger tweeted a link to the song as well, adding “you’re such a hard working,

creative soul and this is such a bop.“

Jared Gelman:

Pop singer, rapper, and subversive performer Jared Gelman has never been shy about

standing up for what he believes in. From a generation enamored with excess and

narcissism, the power of Gelman's artistry is in the message and genuine intention

behind it. Between his catchy hooks and in your face visuals, it's Gelman's

unapologetic sense of self that will continue to propel his career to new heights.

Gelman grew up in a New Jersey suburb, located right outside of New York City. It was

growing up in such proximity to the metropolitan area that helped transform him into

the person he is today. From an early age, Gelman noticed others’ reactions to his

unconventional presentation—his unique style and at times, eccentric ensembles, were

not always accepted nor understood. Coming to terms with his queer identity (and his

relationship to the world around him) directly inspired his desire to get into music. Now

residing in Los Angeles, Gelman’s work will certainly move his career to the forefront of

those in his realm and continue to entertain all those watching.

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